Feature Friday Vol. 1 - Gemini

Feature Friday will be newly implemented each week. I will pick an artist that has made some pretty awesome beats that I feel just aren't recognized well enough for the amount of quality work that they put forth. This week I've chosen one of the first dubstep artists that I absolutely fell in love with, Gemini. His beats are sick, his drops make you fall to your knees, his vocals are always on point and to top it all off, he even sings for some of his tracks, including his cover of Drake's track Crew Love - and he kills it of course. Check it out, it's the second track on the playlist below. I've compiled the tracks that I feel need some more recognition, they are all great listens. 

Gemini new album artwork

Gemini has been working hard on a new album with no date released, however he did make a promise: that the next thing he releases will be an entire album and not just bits and pieces of work. "The album will be accompanied with a story that I can only describe as a journey through a world of black & white. It's about escaping reality to find your rightful space. Expect the original Gemini. Expect Blue. Expect Born To Die." He also released an album cover teaser via Facebook, which is also where he seems to do most of his updating.

Gemini new album title teaser

Check out the playlist and let us know what you think!

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