Frozen Mania

The event chosen involved the merchandising distribution of the Disney film, Frozen. I spoke of the multitude of issues that occurred and how the issues negatively impacted the Disney Company. Even though they are still well off, I assure you that someone is losing their job over the monumental miscalculation for the demand of Frozen merchandise.

Main issues involved were Disney’s ability to forecast proper projected sales for the franchises success. A majority of the data taken from previous films such as Brave and Princess and the Frog, is a large contributor for the low sales predictions. Disney did not want a surplus in stock on the merchandise like it had with both of the above films mentioned. Another large contributing factor involved the films instantaneous rise to fame. While in theaters, Frozen did not really rake in any exponentially high numbers. However, upon DVD and Blu-Ray release, the films popularity spiked immensely, landing it an Oscar for best original song. These factors produced unforeseen results in demand for merchandise, causing “Frozen Mania”.

Other issues could have been avoided had Disney taken the proper preventative steps. For instance, the Chinese New Year comes every year at the same time in January. Disney could have at least predicted they would need a restock after Christmas and could have organized for another country to assemble the merchandise. They could have also just produced the excess amounts of merchandise needed here in America that would have helped grow the forever-stumbling economy.

Overall, Disney still has a situation on their hands. They only sell Frozen merchandise every Saturday of the month and even then the pickings are sparse and unpredictable. This is why the title of this movement is Frozen Mania. 

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