Feature Friday Vol. 2 - Nero

Nero Feature Friday

For the 2nd installment of our Feature Friday, we've chosen the almighty Nero. From their huge drops in the track In the Way to the beautifully haunting melodics from Reaching Out, they've inspired and innovated the EDM industry in a way that is unmatchable. Below is a compilation of the tracks that they've produced thus far that are creatively unique and worth giving a listen.

Since the album release of the lucrative Welcome Reality, the group has been hard at work in the creation of their next production stating: "Sorry to have left you in the dark for so long. The 2nd album is coming 2014." That statement alone gives a hint towards their upcoming album, I'm thinking it is going to be a darker almost nocturnal themed album. With the statement they left us with, they also posted an image and have also uploaded an upsetting preview for what they have been working on through their soundcloud. I wouldn't suggest listening to it but if you want, it's 28 minutes of nothing. 

Besides their cliffhanging update, Nero has also released some singles to keep their fans at bay which includes a collaboration with the release of the film The Great Gatsby, with a track titled Into the Past. I'm under the impression that this track will serve as the type of sound we can expect from their upcoming album. Strong, dark synths with the ominously angelic vocals of Alana creating an almost eerie atmosphere for the fans.

Check out the tracks below and keep up with Nero!

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