Kimmel vs. Kanye

Kanye West interviewed with BBC Radio One revealing his plans for world domination. Soon after, Jimmy Kimmel produced a high-larious spoof of the interview with two children playing the roles, drinking chocolate milkshakes.

Apparently West saw nothing funny about the video and lashed out on Kimmel in a twitter-some rage.

Fast-forward to today (two weeks later), Kanye will now be appearing on Kimmel's late night show as a guest. 

Jimmy Kimmel is known for the pranks and parodies he creates on his late night show. What Kanye needs to realize is that he just had a beautiful baby son with Kim. Yet, he is still finding himself in situations where he cannot control his anger... Hopefully that dissipates with time otherwise that baby will have a lot to deal with growing up. What do you all think?

So Kanye get's on Kimmel Live and talks about how this situations was NOT  a publicity stunt. He address' the reasons as to why he lashed out at Kimmel after witnessing the skit the show had created of his BBC interview. Claiming that "we kinda took it back to high school" and claiming that celebrities are "treated like zoo animals", were just a few highlights from the 2-Part YouTube clip. I feel if you want the lifestyle of being a celebrity, you have to be ready to deal with those types of situations professionally instead of like children - that is why it is called a PROFESSION. That's all. Check out the video below, let me know what you think!