The Homemade Hollywood Halloween Help:

Today is October 10, which means there is a little over two weeks left to create the perfect halloween costume. Whether you want to win a costume contest or scare the sh*t out of someone, you want your halloween costume to be killer.

With all that is out there today in Hollywood, it's easy to take and feng shui your costume to tailor the best characters from any movie! From YouTube to Blogger posts, you can find many tutorials on how to create the perfect look you are going for, plus add in any bits and pieces you think fit the details of your costume.

Popular Hollywood Halloween costumes this year are as follows:

1. Miley Cyrus in any music video, live interview, photo shoot or live performance.

So basically that leaves a lot of options for you to customize and create your ideal costume! Let's get to the basics;

The Classic Miley: "Hannah Montana is dead costume":

1. Get a blonde wig, put half up into twists.
2. Grab a Hannah Montana backpack (if you can find one) and put cut out pictures of Mike Will Made     next to Miley's face.
3. Look up "zombie/beauty makeup tutorial":

The VMA's Miley: "What the Fu*k are you wearing costume":

1. Buy something that doesn't fit your body type at all.
2. Look up "caked-on makeup" tutorial on YouTube.
3. Buy the foam finger, CLICK HERE.
4. For those daring couples, have your man buy the Robin Thicke outfit HERE and WOW the crowd... literally.
5. Stick your tongue out whenever you don't know what's going on.

The Miley-Me-So-Hard: "Did She Really Cut that Jordan Jersey Up?":

1. Take a Priceless Michael Jordan jersey.
2. Cut it up so it's worth nothing.
3. Put pieces of it on your body where you think should be covered.
4. Look up "Chola makeup tutorial":

The West Coast Huggerz Klub: "The Legit Costume":

1. For price sake and delivery time (cheapest made in USA), Go online and buy THIS BEAR.
2. Find/buy an old backpack and cut the straps off.
3. Ask your mother to sew on the straps to the bear if you don't know how to sew.
4. Get this costume piece and cut out the neck and leg portion, CLICK HERE (if you're a guy, leave this part out).
5. Buy a cheap white-tee and cut the mid-drift out (if you're a guy, leave the shirt uncut...unless you like it like that - go for it).
6. Buy iron-on letters "W-E-S-T C-O-A-S-T" from a thrift store, i.e. Jo-Ann fabrics, Michael etc.
7. Get a bandanna of your choice.
8. Urban Outfitters has cheap gold chains you can accessorize with and their delivery time is usually pretty quick. CLICK HERE.
9. Use this makeup tutorial, she's a close friend and she's amazing so check out her other makeup tutorials as well and her DIY's on clothing/accessories: (once again, if you're a guy leave this out or keep it, whatever floats your boat).

Leave questions or comments - ENJOY!